Books and other Published works


The fact that I even have a page like this on a personal author site is a dream come true. Here is a list of published and forthcoming titles, many of which you should look for on your Scholastic Book Fair!

Keep Out!: The World's Most Famous Safes (and the Secrets They Keep), Scholastic, 2018

Shark Bites, Scholastic, 2018

Dog Heroes: 20 Inspiring Tales, Scholastic (Coming Fall 2019)

and a few more in the works!

Also, here's some commentary about the photo on this page: 

  • We really love books in this house. This is approximately 1/16 of our children's book library at home.
  • I always wanted to own a bookshop that had a live-in cat. This will have to do until I tackle that dream.
  • Our kitty, Dinah Darling, regularly sleeps here.
  • This is the non-fiction section, or at least it is when I get into one of my organization whirlwinds.
  • The colored pencil drawing of the fall leaf is from a high school art project I did. I was proud of it so I framed it and hung it in my house. On the opposite wall (not shown) is framed finger painting art by my kids.
  • Dinah is a rescue cat. We named her after Alice's cat in Alice in Wonderland.